PC Gaming Protection

PC Gaming Security

XIGNCODE3 for PC Online game
XIGNCODE3 for PC is a global leading software, protecting over 150 online game titles globally.
It uses patented ‘one time execution code method’ to provide a reliable and affordable service.


  • Hack user OS detections and bans
  • Detects foreign connections and unauthorized IP bypass blocks
  • Real time security update application through live game server & game client
  • Creating new patterns by extracting suspicious logs
  • Whitelist detection functions
  • Detection and prevention of various macro input accessories
    (ex: hardware mouse).
  • Bypass detections using algorithms of "WIN32 API executable code" and "onetime execution codes".
  • Extraction of real-system ID/block connections using VPN detection functions.
  • Ban list management using XIGNCODE3 Solomon system
  • Prevention of resource file modification
  • Enables creation of self-made patterns for real time updates

Customize your protection

We can customize or add features to meet your specific needs.
The benefit of ‘UNCHEATER’

  • Provides Independent SDK
  • Uses instant loading method
  • Customized function additions are unlimited
  • Provides optimized resources with minimized admin-rights

For more information about our UNCHEATER product, please contact us.

  • For all our product lines, we provide a monitoring system.
  • Our system is easily accessible by connecting to , without any further program installations.
    All tasks related to XIGNCODE3® can be done through this system. We provide statistics reports as well as individual log data.
    Statistical data is provided in daily, weekly, monthly, quarter and annual formats.


Update schedule

  • Regular pattern update : once a month
  • Continuous checking on hacking tools and distribution sites
  • Irregular blocking patterns : when requested
  • Server and Client SDK module : Whenever a new version is released or errors are confirmed


Module modification

  • - False positive/error issue
  • - Registration or update
  • - Function updates


Modified version test

  • - Test antivirus programs
  • - Test various OS systems
  • - Test modified function


Send Update version

  • - Upload to the WCS
  • - Send modified information
    via E-mail


Module modification

  • - Final test before going live
  • - Apply to live server after
    completion in test server

In case of false positives and errors

  • Response and processing within 24 hours after receiving an inquiry via WCS, email, or phone.
  • Additional support will be provided if module modifications and further confirmation is required.


Log Report/Inquiry

  • - Report received



  • - Analyze the issue and
    perform internal test


Modified version release

  • - Modified version released

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