EULA(Privacy Policy)

XIGNCODE3 End User License Agreement (EULA)

XIGNCODE3 EULA abides to all EULA game policies.
The following contents display general game service template recommendations.

User Agreement

The software service provider uses XIGNCODE3 security product service as purposed by Wellbia.com co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company").
The software (Example: game or application) serviced has a base application of XIGNCODE3 modules, and whenever the user launches the designated software, XIGNCODE3 automatically launches and installs the latest version to the user system device (example: PC or smart phone device).
Whenever the user uses the software through the user’s system device, XIGNCODE3 will monitor/detect the user system in purpose of preventing illegal activity usage. XIGNCODE3 records illegal activity related information (example: data) purposed to prevent illegal activity.
By using the relevant software to this article, the user is upon agreement regarding data collection, sharing, storage, and release solely purposed in prevention of illegal activity through XIGNCODE3.
Again, this data is only used for prevention of illegal activity such as in-game illegal user activity checks and restraints, and furthermore used as relative material for XIGNCODE3 affiliations for illegal activity methodological code analyzations.
The user must consent and follow XIGNCODE3 user agreement and privacy policies during usage of the relevant software.

If the user refuses the data management collected in accordance with XIGNCODE3 privacy protection policy or request to remove the data, the software service provider, XIGNCODE3, and the 3rd party can restrict the user access to game and usage of game.
In case that the above user agreement is not included in the EULA of the relevant game, this document will present and work as the XIGNCODE3 EULA.


  • XIGNCODE3: XIGNCODE3 will monitor and detect the user system in purpose of preventing illegal activity usage when the user uses the software through the user’s system device.
  • Software developer: The legal entity to supply to the software to software service provider.
  • Software service provider: The legal entity to make license agreement with end user.
  • Software: All serviced software, related mobile applications, and related media
  • System: PC, smart phone devices, or other devices which are used to run the software.


When the software session initiates, the software automatically compares with the latest version of XIGNCODE3 and downloads it.
XIGNCODE3 loads the latest modules to the system at the initiation level and detects/prevents all illegal activities for relevant software.
XIGNCODE3 is set to be uninstalled when the software is removed and provides a XIGNCODE3 Uninstallation KIT if separated uninstallation is needed.
XIGNCODE3 Uninstaller​ Download >

Function of XIGNCODE3 (System Monitoring)

Whenever the user uses the software, XIGNCODE3 will monitor/detect the user system purposed to prevent illegal activity usage.
XIGNCODE3 analyzes the software binaries and scans the system memory.
Also, XIGNCODE3 checks the usage/activity of hack programs and cheating programs registered at XIGNCODE3’s database and may record/transfer the logs of a part of suspicious files such as one-way hash value and file names.

Data collection and Analysis

The collected data is only used for prevention of illegal activity and can be shared to the software developer or software service provider for the analysis and reporting of illegal activity. XIGNCODE3 shares this data with the 3rd party in the following cases.
  • 1. Software developers and software service providers may check and restrict users, whom are reported as illegal activity users, through a GUID provided from a XIGNCODE3 Web Server. XIGNCODE3 provides the illegal activity detected information such as Date, User Name, IP, Hack Tool Name, and etc.
  • 2. XIGNCODE3 can hire the 3rd party: subcontractor. All 3rd parties should comply the privacy policy of XIGNCODE3. XIGNCODE3 cannot share the sensitive information related to personal information to the 3rd party as XIGNCODE3 does not save it.

Information collection and Limited usage

XIGNCODE3 is the security service product to protect software developers or software service providers from the damages caused by illegal activity.
XIGNCODE3 never scan user’s files or never collect user’s ID/PW. XIGNCODE3 never shares, rents, or sells the user information arbitrarily and never collects the information which can distinguish an individual.
Copyright and limited usage
The company owns the copyright of XIGNCODE3 and XIGNCODE3 related rights.
For user convenience and quality improvement, company could provide upgrade/update XIGNCODE3 automatically.
This term includes installing auto upgrading/updating programs, and the user agreeing to this term also is considered as agreement to install upgrading/updating programs.

Limitations of Company Responsibility

  • 1. IGNCODE3 is a software provided for free to users. Users judge and determine to use services served by software developers and providers, and therefore the company does not have responsibility for results and damages which may have occurred from XIGNCODE3 installation and use.
  • 2. Company has no responsibility attributable to user’s computer or network environment-based reasons.
  • 3. Company has no responsibility for XIGNCODE3 and XIGNCODE3 based service errors, XIGNCODE3 and XIGNCODE3 based service prohibition from other services are attributable to user-based reasons.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Matters that are not specified in current Terms and Conditions are stipulated in (user joined) software service usage agreement and regulations and shall be governed by software service agreement and regulations. 

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